Brighton Beach !

Hya guys!
its been a long time since the last post. but lately ive been busy with loads of stuff.
Are almost 2 months that im here in England and although im starting being a bit homesick, i love being here, OMG i freakin love britain!
Here is one of the last trip to brighton, the sun wasnt shining brightly, anyway we managed to enjoy the day at its best.
In the next days i would love to keep my blog updated, but with the college everything seems impossible.

love xx

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pintojak ha detto...

Lovely post england seems amazing, looks a little windy; never realized how beaches are different around the world that one has a lot of pebbles. kisses mini lemon

London Wishes ha detto...

Lovely pics Juls !
Brighton is an amazing place, full of little treasures :)

Love from London Wishes

Anonimo ha detto...

hi!! :) nice blog and great photos!!! ;)


Chelsea Lane ha detto...

looks like an awesome time girl! you are super beautiful. love all the images, I have always wanted to go to England!


Babe Jane ha detto...

lovely pictures and the loctaion is great! :)

Vale ♥ ha detto...

Your pics are wonderful ! What a beautiful location and atmospheare !
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Tanyabell ha detto...

What LOVELY photos and the dessert looks DELICIOUS!!

Antonia ha detto...

Wonderful photos! :)


NIGHT NON STOP ha detto...

So nice pics!

Kisses :)

Anonimo ha detto...

"Are almost 2 months that im here"= this is not English. Maybe it'd be better to say " It's been 2 months now since...". I didn't want to be rude, though it's blasphemous.

Good Luck! ;)

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