Brighton Beach !

Hya guys!
its been a long time since the last post. but lately ive been busy with loads of stuff.
Are almost 2 months that im here in England and although im starting being a bit homesick, i love being here, OMG i freakin love britain!
Here is one of the last trip to brighton, the sun wasnt shining brightly, anyway we managed to enjoy the day at its best.
In the next days i would love to keep my blog updated, but with the college everything seems impossible.

love xx


Beauty Shopping

That's the beauty shopping i did yesterday. I reccomand all the products i've purchased.

beauty shopping
  1. Chanel Nailpolish "Mimosa" n°577 (€ 20,50)
  2. Chanel Nailpolish "Ballerina" n°167 (€ 20,50)
  3. Galenic "Poudre Bronzante Multi-Teintes SPF10" (€ 15,50)
  4. Lancome "Eye Pencils Brown and Black" (€ 32)
  5. La Roche-Posay "Toleriane Teint Compact" (€ 24,50)
  6. Burberry "Brit, Eau de Toilette" (€ 55)
  7. YSL Mascara "Nadine Jolie" (€ 30)
  8. Elancyl "Offensive Cellulite 14 jours" (€ 48)
  9. YSL "Touche Eclat, Radiant Touch" (€ 38)
  10. MAC "Viva Glam Gaga Amplified Lipstick (€ 13)
  11. Jo Malone "Protein Skin Serum" (€ 88)
  12. Chanel "Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eye Shadow N°69, Black Star" (€ 36)



Bonne Soireé :)
Lately i bumped into many blogs, and each one has got its own monthly post or a typical issue. i thought that for my blog  writing a post listing things i love and  matchin them to a song would have been dreadful. so here's the first post (of a maybe long series) I think it will be a sort of weekly or monthly column, who knows...

Blueberries Cheescake
And I must confess, my hearts in broken pieces
And my heads a mess
And it's 4 in the morning, and I'm walking along
Beside the ghost of every drinker here who has ever done wrong
And it's you, woo hoo
That's got me going crazy for the things you do

One of my favourite cakes.

The London Scene By Virginia Woolf

If a double-decker bus, crashes into us,
to die by your side,
it's such an heavenly way to die

By now its on my bedside table, and i love going through the pages, reading how my favourite city was (not so different from now though)

Nouvelle Vague Nailpolish By Chanel

I fell in love at the seaside
She handled her charm with time and slight of hand

With the orange and the fuchsia ones its the perfect summery colour

Lavander Scent Spreading in the air when it's windy

Until you see me in your dreams
We'll stay awake beneath the trees
We'll watch the buildings turn to dust
A sky of diamonds just for us
You are the risk I'll always take
The only branch I'll never break
Those fears we'll blow them all way

I love lavander, especially in summer, when the wind spread the fab scent of this beautiful flower

Peonies on My Desk

minigif (192).gifLove Is A Laserquest - Arctic Monkeysminigif (192).gif

And do you still think love is a laserquest
Or do you take it all more seriously
I've tried to ask you this in some daydreams that I've had
But you're always busy being make-believe
And do you look into the mirror to remind yourself you're there
Or have somebody's good-night kisses got that covered
Well I'm not being honest, I'll pretend that you were just some lover

Last Friday my dad bought me this bunch of Peonies. I utterly love them, and the arctic song that ive matched to them its simply perfect.


Reaching the Top by hitting the sky

Goodevening sweeties!
Since my londoner experience is coming closer every day more (only a month left till my departure), i wanted to do all the things that i've never done in my wonderful Milan.
One of those was going on the top of The Duomo. So here are the pics.

Soundtrack of the day "Suck it And See" acoustic performed by the lead singer of Arctic Monkeys, Alex Turner

total look by  H&M
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