IT-Bags, guilty pleasure.

hya everybody! im back, since my exam session are eventually ended. in this post i would like to involve you in one of my biggest vices: BAGS! oh god, i utterly love them, sometimes theyre too expensive to afford, but, as to dream is free so, down here there's a list of perfect bags i'd like to purchase.
Enjoy and dream on, of course!

 Givenchy, Nightingale
Marc Jacobs
Louis Vuitton, Epi Petit Noa
Chanel, 2.55 Strawberry

Balenciaga, PrimeTime

Lady Dior
Proenza Schouler
Alexander Wang, Coco Duffel Bag
Mulberry, Alexa
Hermes, Birkin

sure to have forgotten many, but actually there are loads of bags id love to own, so its nearly impossible to mention all of them!

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